FoxTales: Jörg Sädtler (Head of IT)

Meet Jörg Sädtler, Head of IT at ad2games. The red lights in front of him are blinking, but apart from that he is surrounded by darkness. In the distance a row of lights is visible. Three thousand meters below him to be exact. He is approaching Berlin Tegel Airport, the lights flashing brighter every second.

Ground control tells him to drop five hundred metres. They tell him how and when to circle. Which direction to fly in. He is aware of the planes around him. He can see the landing strip below. Ground control gives him go. He approaches the landing strip. In front of him a jumbo jet just touched ground. Before his plane reaches the runway, he pulls it back up into the sky again. This is the part of simulating a landing he enjoys the most, the way the stomach flips when the plane shoots up into the sky again.

“I like flying over pretty scenery, but I really do this for the stressful moments. That was one reason why I decided to get my flight license. I need stress and adrenaline in my life. The stress grows my ability to handle even the most difficult situations.”

In these situations, keeping calm and focusing on the task is the difference between ultimate thrill and disaster. There is no room for failures or second thoughts.

“Flying taught me a lot about how to handle stressful situations. You have to know the rules of course, but they’re not more complicated than driving. But you really have to learn to handle the stress. Like, ‘don’t miss the landing strip.’”

Before joining HitFox Group and ad2games, Jörg was in a place where as an employee, he had no possibility to influence the direction of the company. He decided to compensate for the lack of excitement in his everyday life and discovered flying. Up in the air, he felt the rush of adrenaline and how he resumed control over things.

“Above the clouds you have a lot of freedom. You look around and there is nothing else around you. You can do whatever you want, you don’t have to follow streets, you choose a direction and just go. It is a feeling of freedom and doing exactly what you want.”

Jörg decided to quit his job and find something that brought him the same challenges and excitement as flying. This is how he came to HitFox. Jörg has been the pilot of ad2games IT platform since its very beginning. While starting up can be a shaky undertaking, he and his team never miss the landing strip.

We are currently looking for a Senior Ruby Developer. This and other open positions can be found at:

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