CPAlife 2014 – ad2games in St. Petersburg

On April 16 leading experts in affiliate marketing in Russia visited St. Petersburg to participate in this year’s CPAlife. The conference was organized by one of our Russian partners, the affiliate network Adwad. It was held in the business center/incubator “Ingria”. Numerous CPA affiliate networks, among them some of our most important Russian partners, participated in the event.

The conference was busy from the very beginning – with more than 200 attendees, around 15 speakers and 10 big affiliate networks in the mix – and there was much opportunity to do business, learn and network. The strong attendance is not surprising: advertisers, networks and webmasters came to listen to practical reports on the most relevant and innovative topics for affiliate marketing.

  • The state of the CPA market in 2014: the amount of products advertised on CPA basis is rapidly increasing and the demand for these products is extremely high among publishers.
  • Working with CPA networks: main steps for integration with networks were discussed, as were the T&Cs of working with particular networks.
  • Optimization of campaigns for both advertisers and publishers: how to make an offer attractive for publishers in the long-term, how to optimize payments and the possibility for mass payments.

It was great to learn more about the current trends in CPA advertising in Russia and to get feedback from both advertisers and publishers. Implementation of different CPA campaigns was discussed as well and, of course, online gaming was big part of all the ongoing discussions. The Russian CPA market is developing rapidly and online gaming remains one of the biggest sectors in the CPA industry. The conference showed that the online gaming market is full of potential and opportunity. Many affiliate networks are interested in increasing the amount of online gaming campaigns they work with.

To sum up, it was very useful conference, where we could not only strengthen our relations with partners but also got in touch with important new ones. It was great to get their feedback and explore opportunities for further optimization. We are excited to be part of online gaming in CIS and to discover and further develop its CPA potential together with our key partners. Up next we are at Digital Dragons in Krakow and Intergame in Tallinn. Schedule a meeting with ad2games via!

Ksenia (Country Manager Russia)

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